Whyte Corporate Affairs provides its clients with advice, strategies and actions in support of their reputation management and the protection of their interests. Our approach focuses on the relationships with stakeholders, including media, employees, authorities as well as the political, the corporate, the social and the academic world.

Generally speaking, our services consist of corporate communications, public affairs and crisis & issues management. In most instances our assignments require an integrated application of these disciplines – the so-called ‘corporate affairs’ approach.

services ⁄  Corporate Communication

Communicating the right message at the right moment to the right people. There lies the challenge of communication. This applies even more when communicating to corporate stakeholders.

Media relations are at the heart of our activities. We at Whyte Corporate Affairs, like to go a step further: networking platforms, endorsement campaigns, direct communication with key stakeholders, e-applications,…

At Whyte Corporate Affairs, the communication tool is never the starting point. We always start with the end point: our clients’ objectives Be it increasing the visibility of the CEO, improving the online and offline reputation of a company, strengthening the corporate culture, supporting business development, preparing the field for a corporate transaction,…

Talk the talk, is one thing. Walk the walk, is a different one. We help organisations increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their own corporate communication.

Our corporate communications services include:

  • Media relations programmes
  • Digital and Social media activation & monitoring
  • Stakeholder communication & relation building
  • Reputation audits
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Internal communication
  • Corporate identity & positioning
  • Employer branding
  • Change management

services ⁄  public affairs

Safeguarding an industry image or a company’s business, influencing product & service regulation, building up relations and goodwill with key influencers, transforming political opposition into political support, obtaining business critical permits, making sure your voice is heard when it is needed,…

Public affairs is the art of influencing perceptions, opinions and actions of decision makers and other influential stakeholders who impact an organisation’s business or interest. Our public affairs activities range from well-defined lobbying activities to more comprehensive ‘influencer programmes’.

Our public affairs services include:

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Political & stakeholder mapping
  • Regulatory monitoring
  • Development of public affairs strategies & action plans
  • Government relations and stakeholder outreach
  • Development of messages & tools (white papers, presentations, fact sheets, …)
  • Organising seminars, meetings and encounters in support of public affairs objectives
  • ‘Influencer programmes’ (systematically targeting key stakeholders)
  • Active representation, mediation and negotiation
  • Preparing, training and coaching clients before and during outreach activities
  • Build and manage coalitions

services ⁄  crisis & issues

A crisis can have costly consequences, either in terms of reputation damage, loss of market share, plunging stock price, harmed employer branding, declining goodwill from politicians, and the list goes on…

Some crises can be appropriately anticipated, others are unpredictable. However, all crises can be prepared for. Professional crisis communication starts with ‘crisis preparedness’ – be it an exhaustive crisis communication plan which anticipates different scenarios, or the preparation of a specific case, such as an upcoming lawsuit or a collective lay-off. With our professional help and advice, organisations are better prepared to deal with such challenging situations. Our approach is based on two principles: while we reckon every situation to be different, we rely on proven communication tactics to successfully deal with crises.

Many issues which may lead to a crisis can be identified and appropriately managed in advance. ‘Issues management’ prevents issues from becoming a crisis, by means of issues monitoring, early-warning tools and pre-emptive initiatives towards stakeholders.

However, certain crises cannot be avoided, such as exceptional natural disasters or terrorist attacks. Other type of crises might even be initiated by a conscious internal decision, such as a collective lay-off or a radical shift in a corporate strategy. In every instances, Whyte Corporate Affairs provides crisis management, based on decades of experience. Our Crisis Hotline guarantees 24/7 standby.

The impact of a crisis largely depends on how one deals with it. Expert advice and professional support is the best insurance you can get.

Our crisis & issues management services include:
  • Crisis preparedness
    • Audits
    • Crisis manuals
    • Training
    • Simulation exercises
  • Issue mapping & risk analysis
  • Crisis and issue management with a specific expertise in:
    • Social issues & change management (restructurings, social conflicts, …)
    • Litigation
    • Corporate transactions (mergers, acquisitions, …) & shareholders issues
    • Industrial risks & accidents
    • Environmental, health, safety, security & local community (‘Not In My Backyard syndrome) issues
    • Consumer related issues (health, safety & security issues)
    • Public affairs related crises & issues
  • 24/7 standby
  • Monitoring, issue tracking & early-warning
  • Set-up of tailor made crisis communication tools, including dark sites, mass communication via SMS, call centres


Crisis Hotline

Facing a crisis? Requiring emergency response? Call our 24/7 Crisis Hotline at +32 2 738 0 638

services ⁄  Financial Communication

Financial communication has evolved over the last few years from merely a legal obligation to a strategic component of corporate communications. Whether you are providing more transparency to your existing shareholders or seeking renewed attention from investors, analysts or the media, financial communication has become an essential and strategic tool that integrates the company’s investment story and thesis with finance, marketing and securities laws obligations.

Trust and transparency are essential to attracting and retaining investors. The complexity of financial reporting and the changing nature of accounting and regulatory standards often make understanding a company’s true performance and prospects difficult. Investors increasingly rely on non-accounting communications to assess the strengths of a company and to aid investment decisions.

Backed by extensive experience in Investor Relations, Whyte Corporate Affairs combines a comprehensive communication expertise with a granular understanding of capital markets’ dynamics.

Whyte Corporate Affairs covers a complete range of communication skills in financial communications, helping listed and unlisted companies cope with a demanding and competitive capital markets environment.

Our financial services include:

  • In-depth reputation audit
  • Best practice recommendations and coaching in IR
  • Define and formulate your investment proposition
  • Develop investor relations program supporting your equity story
  • Coordinate communication around sensitive corporate transactions and events
  • Crisis communication, incl. shareholder issues

services ⁄  training

We believe our clients to be the best ambassadors of their organisation, ideas and interests. They are at the forefront of the action while talking to the media, negotiating with social partners or NGO’s, dealing with clients during a crisis, meeting political decision-makers,…

Whether they stand in the spotlights or whether they are working behind the screens, this is never an easy task.

Therefore, we pay much attention to the training and coaching of our clients. Our custom-made training sessions are brought by experts and are based on decades of practical experience.

The training sessions we offer include:

  • Media training
    • Theoretical framework: media landscape & media relations
    • Practical training: how (not) to deal with a journalist, interview techniques, how to speak in front of a camera,…
  • Crisis communication training
  • Negotiation skills & conflict management
  • Presentation skills
  • Networking
  • Introduction to public affairs & lobbying
  • ‘Belgium for dummies’: introduction to our complex country
  • Ongoing coaching and sounding board for managers

services ⁄  crisis hotline

Are you facing a crisis? Do you require an emergency response?

Call our 24/7 Crisis Hotline at +32 2 738 0 638