Public Affairs

Influencing decision-makers’ perceptions, opinions and actions

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Politics influence business and vice-versa. Public affairs is the art of influencing perceptions, opinions and actions of decision makers and other influential stakeholders who impact your business environment or interests.

Amongst your stakeholders, who are the most vocal on the issue at stake? And, more importantly, who are the key influencers that operate behind the scene?

Whyte maps the relevant stakeholders in a detailed manner and provides all relevant background information. We analyse the political decision-making process and assess if and when actions are to be taken. Once a clear picture of the situation has been established, a solid strategy is to be put in place.

Whyte is on hand to guide you towards the right person, on the right topic, at the right time. Before you reach out to stakeholders, we advise you on how to make these meetings a success, by developing tailor-made key messages and by providing the appropriate tools, including presentations and infographics.

Our public affairs ‘outreach’ activities range from well-defined lobbying to more comprehensive ‘influencer programs’.


  • Lobbying activities regarding the regulation of a range of consumer products and professional services
  • Lobbying and communication activities in the framework of permitting procedures for a broad range of industrial, retail, real estate and energy companies
  • Set up and manage a trade association, define its strategy and support the implementation of its lobbying activities
  • Public affairs support and coaching in the context of a contested restructuring scheme
  • Development of memorandums and outreach programmes in the run-up to elections
  • Development and ongoing implementation of an ‘influencer programme’ for a Bel20 listed company: an integrated corporate communication and public affairs programme focusing on key stakeholders
  • Strategic advice and sounding board of several leading trade associations
  • Perception audit amongst political stakeholders in preparation of a lobbying programme for a professional services company
  • Development of creative, visual communication tools in support of lobbying and stakeholder outreach
  • Active mediation and negotiation in conflict situations involving various authorities, public institutions and administrations
  • Intelligence gathering, landscape assessments and strategic advice for a range of pharmaceutical companies regarding reimbursement schemes and product regulation
  • Set up a single issue coalition between various trade associations to defend a joint interest
  • Public affairs advice and support in response to criticism of consumer organisations, NGOs and local communities
  • Lobbying campaigns regarding corporate tax, excise and labour law for various multinational companies
  • Development of a comprehensive public affairs strategy for an airport and develop the required PA tools
  • Public affairs campaign and issues management to prevent political measures proposed under the pressure of a consumer organisation from being implemented
  • Regulatory monitoring for a broad range of clients, amongst others in the field of energy, tax, food, health, pharma, transport, …
  • Setting up a ‘learning network’ on public affairs (a joint initiative with a leading employer association) involving senior public affairs professionals from blue chip companies
  • Political analysis and summary notes for international headquarters and managers
  • Advise and support a defense company in the framework of a major public tender
  • Training programme on public affairs and lobbying for a trade association
  • Introduction to Belgian politics for the foreign CEO of a multinational company active in Belgium


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