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Strengthen your corporate reputation through effective storytelling

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The digital age and the advent of new communication channels led to a shift from the mass approach of mainstream media to more active engagement with individuals, journalists and influencers, which, in turn, requires a more targeted approach. Simultaneously, media relations have evolved from a mass communication tool to a key strategic discipline that contributes to the perception and the reputation of a company or institution.

Many companies have learned the hard way that online reputation is just as important as offline reputation. Securing the right coverage requires content-driven communication. Only a storytelling approach that is embedded in an overall strategy will generate tangible results, extending an organisation’s outreach to meet its business objectives.

Whyte Corporate Affairs helps you transpose your business objectives into corporate communication objectives, define the story and the key messages you wish to deliver, choose the most appropriate multichannel approach, prepare your spokespersons, help you implement your communication activities, measure their results and adapt the next steps of your communication strategy accordingly.


  • Media relations programmes supporting the business development of a multitude of big and smaller companies as well as associations in different industries
  • Advice on the use of social media tools and storytelling for the corporate positioning of several companies
  • Quantitative and qualitative reputation audits as a (zero) measurement to fine-tune media and influencers strategies
  • Award-winning sustainability communication approach for a furniture retailer
  • CEO positioning: media relations programme, social media content, speaking opportunities within business/academic/media platforms, etc.
  • External communication management and spokesperson role ad interim
  • Media trainings for senior management, experts and other spokespersons
  • Media and social media monitoring and analysis on both qualitative and quantitative aspects in order to optimize the media and influencers’ strategic approach
  • Organisation of influencer events for the launch of new products and services
  • Sampling distribution to journalists and influencers to test (new) products or services
  • Collaboration with key influencers to increase awareness and understanding of an illness, a societal problem, the importance of a good cause,…
  • Implementation of a long-term brand ambassadorship programme; from the selection of the ambassador to proposition of activities and reporting


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