Internal Communication & Change

Your employees need to know you care, before they start caring about you

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Organisations are facing challenges on a scale and pace unseen before. Digital transformation, worldwide competition, disruptive models, clients’ new expectations, millennials at work, mergers & acquisitions or companies’ reorganizations, are only a few examples of events that companies are currently facing. In this increasingly turbulent environment, where companies have to constantly develop ways to compete and reinvent themselves, an engaged and a collaborative workforce plays a critical role.

Effective communication promotes organisational consistency and a common understanding of the company vision and mission. It fosters employee engagement to align behaviours with the business strategy.

Internal communication is about making sense within the organisation, on all levels and at any time.

Employees are the company’s most valuable assets to build a strong reputation, to implement change or to properly handle a crisis. Boundaries between the external and internal environment are becoming increasingly blurred. Aligning all its stakeholders in a consistent vision is vital for a company, starting with its own workforce.

The days when internal communication was limited to a simple operational function are over. Internal communication has become a strategic tool which contributes directly to the achievement of business goals.


  • Development of a change campaign and organization of internal roadshows for a large retail company to communicate the transformation plan and new strategy and align management through visual communication
  • Creation of a compelling corporate storyline, based on the company values, and translation into a handy communication toolkit for co-workers to use at various occasions (PPT presentation, elevator pitch, fact sheets, video,…)
  • Internal communication through videos to engage and support employees in the adoption of new behaviour taking into account the upcoming digitalisation
  • Development of an internal communication strategy and sounding board for EXCO of an inspection and certification company with high levels of syndicalisation amongst its workforce during a law Renault procedure
  • Assessment of the internal communication management and effectiveness of a Belgian public interest organisation to identify sources of improvement
  • Explain social plan to employees in an easily understandable and visually attractive information brochure, in close cooperation with HR and legal
  • Trainings for managers of a telecom provider to enhance their communication and presentation skills to better manage teams and convince board to deliver offerings in an efficient, effective and timely manner to clients
  • Alignment on and streamlining of the internal communication on the new company strategy of an IT and printing business with presence in different countries
  • Organisation of an internal visual brainstorming session to co-create a differentiating Employer Brand for a construction company with different Business Units in Belgium
  • Hosting roleplay trainings for sales force teams of different business entities that belong to the same overarching group during a rebranding process


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