Intelligence Gathering and Analytics

Translating information into insights and solid communication strategies

perception & reputation surveys | large-scale opinion polling | vulnerability audit (internal and external) communication audit | (social) media monitoring | political monitoring | stakeholder mapping

Any organisation that wants to be successful must thoroughly understand its stakeholders and build a relationship of trust with them by listening and engaging with them. Gathering and interpreting targeted data and relevant intelligence about your external and internal business environment constitutes a strategic opportunity for your communication and your stakeholder management initiatives.

Whyte helps clarify your ‘stakeholder picture’. We can help you better understand your ‘stakeholder landscape’. Our insights into the Belgian (social) media, political, corporate, social and academic landscape allow us to identify relevant information (opinions, concerns, attitudes, expectations, drivers, reactions, plans, etc.) which are the cornerstone of your communication strategies and actions.

Why Whyte? We combine our in-house expertise with the strength of technology.


  • Face-to-face discussions with key Belgian stakeholders to evaluate the evolution of the reputation of various public and private companies over the years
  • Zero-measurement of the overall image of a specialized-food company to help it develop a fact-based stakeholder management plan
  • Assessment of the crisis situations that posed the biggest risks for the reputation of an international actor of the chemical industry as part of its risk management policy
  • Polling of the Belgian inhabitants’ opinion on a strategic issue to provide a service company with strategic information to be used as a tool for political leverage
  • Launch of an internal pulse survey to measure the level of staff understanding and commitment just after the announcement of a new strategic plan
  • Broad-spectrum communication audit to assess how a major energy company communicates internally and externally
  • Online and social media content monitoring activities in order to detect sensitive issues relating to the reputation of a bank or the first signs of a crisis
  • Media monitoring and analysis activities to guide future public relations and public affairs initiatives in the Belgian railway industry
  • Monitoring of the public and informal activities of the regional parliament and government to help a player of urban mobility be legally allowed to access the Brussels market
  • Detailed mapping of all the Belgian stakeholders of the circular economy sector to help an international consumer goods company further develop its sustainable development policy in Belgium


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