Financial Communication

Supporting your equity story

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Over the last few years, financial communication has evolved from merely being a legal obligation to a strategic component of corporate communications. Whether you are providing more transparency to your existing shareholders or seeking renewed attention from investors, analysts or the media, financial communication has become an essential tool that integrates the company’s investment story and thesis with finance, marketing and securities laws obligations.


  • Positioning and strategy communication for a real estate company ahead of its IPO
  • Management of shareholder issues and financial communication for an IT company and a food company
  • Crisis communication and reorganisation of financial and strategy communication, in view of restoring investors’ confidence for a listed professional services company, after a change of management and a plunging share price
  • Management Buy-Out at an industrial company
  • Communication support to listed company in large cross border transaction with global exposure and national sensitivities
  • Manage communications in the process of a secondary public offering of existing shares held by a large historical shareholder
  • Compelling equity story crafting and reputation build up in view of IPO
  • Media relations & public affairs advice and support in the framework of major M&A cases
  • Take-over of a competitor for a professional services firm


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