Crisis Communication & Issue Management

Always be prepared. Act don’t react.

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Crisis communication – if well executed – can also deflect or contain a crisis without damage to your reputation. And in the best case scenario it can even make you emerge stronger and positively boost your reputation. This is easier said than done: in this information age, crises pose a tough challenge for your company.

Today’s 24/7 news cycle is greatly influenced by citizen journalism and online conversations. Consequently, transparent, honest and timely communication is not just an option, it is a must, before, during and after the crisis.

At Whyte Corporate Affairs we help you to prepare for, manage, and recover from any crisis situation.


24/7 crisis standby for various companies and sectors

Crisis preparedness

  • Vulnerability audit, crisis communication manual and training programme for several companies in different sectors: food, pharma, energy, steel, retail, automotive, banking, mining sector, agriculture, construction, …
  • Ongoing crisis preparedness, training and pre-emptive issue management to ensure business continuity for high-risk facilities such as gas terminal, high-speed train company and a brewing company
  • Crisis plans for a range of food manufacturers, in the wake of a range of issues and crises impacting the food industry
  • Yearly media & crisis communication training for various clients, including an FMCG company, a gas company, a professional services company, …
  • Large scale crisis simulation exercise, involving media, employees, trade unionists, …
  • Training on the use of social media during a crisis situation
  • Crisis communication trainings for numerous municipalities and cities in Belgium (with specific ‘Discipline 5’ attention)

Restructuring schemes & social issues

  • Market leader in restructuring schemes, including strategy development, preparatory work, on-site assistance and support, …
  • Management of social conflicts for various clients in different industries, including retail, transport & aviation, logistics, pharmacy, banking & insurance, chemistry, automotive, steel, …
  • Prepare negotiations with social partners through training, exercises and message development for various clients
  • Manage the media impact of a case of ‘bullying at the workplace’
  • Merger and restructuring of two pharmaceutical companies
  • Management of a social conflict and support a change management programme following the review of a company’s compensation policy
  • Merger and integration of two global companies (13.000 employees in 27 countries)
  • Management of a social conflict following a dismissal for just cause
  • Announcement of a change of management for a blue chip company
  • Pre-empting issues and building up support amongst the local community and social partners in preparation of the closure of a production unit
  • Internal communication and issues management regarding the potential sale and restructuring of a production unit
  • Closure of a production unit while maintaining marketing and sales operating in Belgium
  • Stakeholder communication and advice for a company facing the dismissal of both CEO and CFO while having a major investment project


  • Scenario planning and strategic advice of a litigation case between two well-known brands
  • Strategic advice and media relations during 10 years of litigation for an insurance group
  • Strategic counsel and media relations support for a company accused of corruption in the framework of public tenders
  • Media relations and public affairs advice regarding litigations initiated by local communities against environmental permits, construction permits and business permits
  • Media relations advice relating to potential antitrust activities
  • Crisis advice regarding a lawsuit and settlement in the framework of an industrial accident involving casualties and injuries
  • Crisis communication following a house search and judicial investigation for a financial institution
  • Prepare and manage media and stakheholder outreach in the framework of a legal settlement and court case for a company and its shareholders
  • Media relations advice for the head of a non-profit organization accused of conflict of interest
  • Crisis communication regarding alleged fraud with credit cards, for a bankcard company, including the preparation of and a training session for an interview in a TV consumer programme…

Not In My Backyard issues (environment, health, safety, nuisance, …)

  • Communication advice in the wake of a crisis with high media and political attention for a company producing nuclear medicine products
  • Developing and handling a holistic issues management programme, including public relations and public affairs at both local and regional levels, in order to create political and public support for the opening or extension of (new) quarries in the Walloon region, and pre-empt local, media and NGO opposition
  • Pre-empting potential issues and building up support within the local community in preparation of the construction of a windmill farm on the site of a multinational company
  • Local issues management and public affairs advice regarding the construction of a power plant
  • Building up support within the local community and pre-empting issues for a real estate company, in preparation of a construction project
  • Support for the expansion strategy and permitting procedures of a retail company

Consumer related issues and crises

  • Strategic advice and hands-on support for a series of companies dealing with stakeholder activism
  • Communication advice during several major food safety crises with very high media and consumer attention
  • Take over and/or coordinate social media channels of several companies when dealing with issues
  • Set up and run a single-issue coalition for a group of food companies
  • On and offline engagement with Key Opinion Leaders and influencers to shift public opinion
  • Monitoring issues and building up a dialogue with critical NGOs for an international brand
  • Dealing with attacks by a consumer organisation regarding the alleged health risks of a consumer product
  • Numerous product recalls for FMCG companies
  • Issue tracking and monitoring of stakeholders’ activities for various clients
  • Support a leading retailer to deal with NGO driven campaign questioning the company’s sustainability policy…

Industrial risks & accidents

  • Managing the impact of a nuclear leak and preparing nuclear transports
  • Lethal accident on the work floor of a chemical company
  • Violent robbery involving the use of explosives, for a retail company
  • Activation of an emergency procedure at a gas terminal
  • Industrial accident involving heavily injured co-workers of a subcontractor
  • Crisis communication advice for a construction material producer: accident, fire, quality issue


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