our company

Whyte Corporate Affairs NV/SA is a Belgian, independent corporate affairs company. We deliver corporate communications and public affairs advice and support, with a specific expertise in crisis communication and issue management.

Whyte Corporate Affairs is a dynamic company committed to the highest standards of communication consultancy. Whyte Corporate Affairs stands apart thanks to its refreshing entrepreneurship, built on solid foundations:

  • a solid team of seasoned consultants with strong reputation
  • a proven track record
  • a highly complementary team, consisting of Dutch and French speaking consultants
  • a diverse client portfolio across a large range of industries
  • a vast network of reputable partners and contacts
  • an integrated corporate affairs approach
  • a clear vision and proven methodologies on how to manage clients’ stakeholders, issues and crises in support of their reputation, their interests and their business objectives.

our company ⁄  our name

Why + white = ‘Whyte’

Why ‘why’? We help our clients to anticipate and to answer questions and expectations from their stakeholders. Moreover, we ourselves like to question things by challenging our clients and by playing the devil’s advocate. From an initial interrogation to the ultimate answer, we make the difference by systematically questioning things.

‘White’ stands for clarity and straightforwardness. We help our clients to take a step back and to adopt a helicopter view on their business or activities. By clarifying their business environment they evolve in, we help our clients to deal with their stakeholders and to cope with the issues they are confronted with. We do so in a straightforward way. As bright as white.

`That’s why we are ‘Whyte’ Corporate Affairs.

our company ⁄  our philosophy

Stakeholder oriented, objective driven. That’s our philosophy.

Our approach is driven by our clients’ objectives: we are communication professionals, but we do not believe in communicating for the sake of communicating. Communication is a strategic tool which should help our clients to reach their business objectives.

The approach of Whyte Corporate Affairs focuses primarily on stakeholders. Our insight into the Belgian media, political, corporate, social and academic landscape allows us to define the right target groups, to recommend the most appropriate communication channels, to formulate the right key messages and to anticipate actions and reactions.

Stakeholder oriented, objective driven. That is why we strongly believe in the integration between what is traditionally considered to be ‘corporate communications’ and ‘public affairs’. We tear down the walls and combine the best of both worlds.

our company ⁄  our awards

  • 2014 European Excellence Award – Crisis Communication – AB InBev
  • 2013 European Excellence Award – Best Sustainability Report – IKEA Belgium
  • 2012 Benelux Consultancy of the year – Holmes Report
  • 2011 Sabre certificate for excellence in Crisis Communication – Mactac
  • 2011 Sabre certificate for excellence in PR – Association of Communication Companies
  • 2010 European Excellence Award – Newcomer Agency of the year
  • 2010 European Excellence Award – PR & Communication – ACC
  • 2009 Sabre certificate for excellence in Crisis Communication – Sabena technics
  • 2008 Sabre certificate for excellence in Crisis Communication – Institut des Radioéléments

our company ⁄  why 'whyte'?

Why work with Whyte Corporate Affairs?

We are convinced that Whyte Corporate Affairs combines the best of many worlds:

  • Passion for what we do, but not without thinking twice
  • Proven track records, but thinking out of the box
  • Independent, but well connected
  • Strong strategies, but never without dedicated implementation
  • Truly Belgian, but with an international mindset and network
  • Strong at questioning things, even stronger at providing the answers