Corporate Communication

31 August 2021

Why PR is not advertising and the importance of storytelling

In our profession we often ask ourselves whether journalists will find a topic interesting enough to write about it, whether our press release will get picked […]
20 April 2021

Meet the newest members of our family: Twyst & StudioTokyo!

The word is out! We are very happy and proud to introduce you to the newest members of our family: not one, but two new agencies! […]
1 March 2021
Reputation management

Reputation measurement: bridge the gap between your stakeholders and your company

Today, more than ever, the image of your organisation is the key to success. While you may have the best products or services, the perception of […]
22 January 2021

Corona fatigue at work: internal communication as an antidote

Initially, the COVID-19 crisis came with a good dose of combativeness and solidarity. Now that the strict measures continue and the situation seems hopeless at times, […]
30 November 2020

Social elections 2020

TEN GOLDEN RULES FOR STRONG SOCIAL DIALOGUE With the crisis at the top of the news, the 2020 social elections took place this month within an […]
7 August 2020


In order to express our support to the Black Lives Matter movement and because diversity and inclusiveness are part of our core values, Whyte Corporate Affairs […]
19 March 2020

PR in times of Corona, what’s next?

These are busy days in the world of communication. The Corona virus forced us to revise communication schedules, cancel events and above all to prepare a […]
12 November 2019

A week in Berlin. Or how context defines our business.

As a member agency of the Global Communication Alliance (GCA), a network of independent agencies around the world, Whyte Corporate Affairs takes part in the Leadership […]
21 June 2019

So umm… Could we read through the article first?

A common request, but one that isn’t always handled well. Of course you’re free to ask, but most journalists don’t like it. They experience this question […]
31 January 2019

“Journalists have the attention span of a goldfish and the memory of an elephant.”

Michaël Sephiha from De Tijd provided for great insights and crispy anecdotes last week’s Euronext TechShare session hosted by Whyte.