11 September 2018

One survey, two opposing conclusions. Welcome to our world!

Seeing is believing. If you weren’t convinced yet on the subtitles of the Belgian media landscape, here is an interesting case illustrating how the same news […]
19 April 2018

Lobbyist: a legitimate profession!

What exactly does a lobbyist do? Does the profession have its own specific ethics? Is lobbying a necessary evil?
27 June 2017

Brussels-Wallonia, governments for 2 years

The breakdown of the majorities in place in Wallonia and Brussels: overview of certainties and probabilities
24 April 2017

What if businesses went in for ‘fake news’?

Apart from a few episodes that belong more to the realm of pranks, until now companies have stayed prudently away from publishing fake news.
23 February 2017

The equity story, or how to win over new investors…

The perception of a listed security will inevitably be established through the consistency and credibility of its “equity story”. But what exactly is this?
15 December 2016

At last, a debate about lobbying in Belgium

Bill about a lobby register for military purchases: for the first time, there seems to be room for a suitably nuanced debate about lobbying.
30 November 2016

Bloggers: things to avoid for a good, long-term relationship

10 tips you should consider before getting in touch with a blogger.