19 March 2020

PR in times of Corona, what’s next?

These are busy days in the world of communication. The Corona virus forced us to revise communication schedules, cancel events and above all to prepare a […]
6 March 2020

Five reasons to continue your public affairs activities in a period of current affairs

With a government in current affairs, you might get the impression that maintaining contact with policy makers is pointless. However, the opposite is true! Here are […]
12 November 2019

A week in Berlin. Or how context defines our business.

As a member agency of the Global Communication Alliance (GCA), a network of independent agencies around the world, Whyte Corporate Affairs takes part in the Leadership […]
21 June 2019

So umm… Could we read through the article first?

A common request, but one that isn’t always handled well. Of course you’re free to ask, but most journalists don’t like it. They experience this question […]
31 January 2019

“Journalists have the attention span of a goldfish and the memory of an elephant.”

Michaël Sephiha from De Tijd provided for great insights and crispy anecdotes last week’s Euronext TechShare session hosted by Whyte.
23 November 2018

Whyte 10 years anniversary celebrations

Whyte celebrates its 10 years of hard work... and fun!
26 October 2018

The municipal elections are behind us. What now? Here are 5 tips for PA professionals

It has already been a week since the municipal elections took place. The question now is: how all this is going to impact your PA activities
17 October 2018

Most trusted newsbrands

With local elections now in the rear-view mirror, the intense news coverage is gradually switching from an election campaign mode to a more normal pace.  It feels like our attention has somewhat […]
3 October 2018

Getting your story published: here’s how you can make a difference.

Companies that want to communicate via the media should plan this carefully. As a former journalist myself, here are a few simple tips and guidelines that should help you get prepared.   I. The press […]
14 September 2018

#WhyteGoesLondon: my week inside a partner agency

Last week I was lucky enough to spend one week at PLMR, a public affairs, PR and digital marketing agency based in the UK. I was able to do this through the ‘GCA (the Global […]