W Crisis: the first App for Crisis Communication – 22/06/16

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May 30, 2016
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It is known to all specialists that good crisis management is based on two fundamentals: be prepared and take control of the agenda.

Over many years, backed with significant experience in the field of crisis management, Whyte Corporate Affairs has developed crisis communication procedures available in crisis manuals or, more and more often , on the Intranet or on a secured cloud.

When an organization has everything in place to prepare for a potential crisis, when it actually occurs, procedures as well as document templates, list of own contacts and media contacts must be easily accessed. Unfortunately, when this happens, crisis manuals are often not readily available either at the office or at home, and the online version of the manual can often not be accessed, due to hardware or connection problems. Crisis management tools are often inaccessible when they are the most dearly needed.

Based on these observations, Whyte Corporate Affairs has decided to develop a smartphone application, that allows all executive managers and communication officers to be connected 24/7. The application “W Crisis “allows for two types of use. A free use which allows anybody downloading the app to have access to a number of  key advices in case of crisis, and to a list of all major Belgian media (TV, radio, traditional and online press) in order to promptly react to the crisis. A second use, optional and requiring upstream preparation, to gives you secured access from your smartphone to your own contacts and crisis manual.

Discover the « W Crisis » app and its features in the following animation : https://vimeo.com/171397559

With “W Crisis”, your crisis manual, contact lists, media files and any other crisis management tool, are gathered in one place, available at your fingertips.

Available now on Apple Store and Google Play

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