Crisis Management & the impact of social media / The Cult of Amateur? How does social media impact the reputation of an organization today?

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May 10, 2011
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June 10, 2011

SMS First Edition is a half-day seminar organized by Auxipress, Whyte Corporate Affairs and 3C (the Corporate Communication Community)

SMS – Social Media Summit is the first in a series of seminars that will strengthen your understanding of social media, provide you with advice on how to better engage consumers, and assist your company in taking the right decision at the right time in order to enable you to take the lead on your reputation. Therefore, the opening session of the SMS will focus on crisis management.

The question is: How to use social media in crisis situations?

Why should a company be concerned about social media’s influence on its image? Social media allows consumer opinions to be quickly spread far and wide, without filters or controls. The seminar aims to provide several answers to this question because this new channel adds a new dimension to crisis situations that every communication expert should take into account.

Another important highlight of the first SMS seminar is the public nature of social media. Consumers and citizens have the right to make comments, negative or positive. Through testimonials you will understand why and how to move from bystander to actor in social media.

SMS First Edition is a half-day seminar organized by Auxipress, Whyte Corporate Affairs and 3C (the Corporate Communication Community)

Specially directed to: Communication Directors, Corporate Communication Directors and PR agencies

Benefits obtained: A deep understanding of how to properly manage social media under crisis conditions, speakers sharing their personal experiences, thus offering participants a unique opportunity to discuss any other topics that may arise during the resulting exchange of views.


  • 08.00 > 09.00 WELCOME BREAKFAST
  • 09.00 > 09.05 INTRO // VERA JANSSENS, President 3C Corporate Communication Community
  • DAVE VAN MEEL, Head of Communications, Greenpeace (NL)
  • 09.45 > 10.00 SOCIAL MEDIA: A SOURCE OF EMPOWERING PEOPLE OR GROWING IRRITATION? // MILAN RUTTEN is director of Communication for the Flemish Social Democrats and was involved in several campaigns (NL)
  • 10.15 > 10.45 BREAK
  • 10.45 > 11.15 CORPORATE COMUNICATION: MANAGEMENT AND MAPPING OF THE SOCIAL WEB RISK // JENNIFER PICARD, directrice département études, ROZENN NARDIN, directrice d’étude – Linkfl (FR)
  • 11.15 > 11.45 THE AERONAUTICAL INDUSTRY FACING MOTHER NATURE. LESSONS LEARNED BY 2 KEY PLAYERS OF THE MARKET. // GEERT SCIOT Vice President Communication, Brussels Airlines, PAUL DE BACKER Former Manager Corporate Communications Brussels Airport (NL)
  • 11.45 > 12.00 BREAK
  • 12.00 > 12.30 DEBATE ON CRISIS MANAGEMENT VS. SOCIAL MEDIA // JORIS BULTEEL, Whyte Corporate Affairs
  • 12.30 CLOSING // VERA JANSSENS, President 3C Corporate Communication Community
  • 12.30 > 14.00 LUNCH

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